5 Email Marketing Tips

email marketing

Mobile Users

One of the biggest changes over the past five years is the switch that many people have made to mobile devices. Up to 50% of your subscribers will view your email on their mobile device. To make your emails mobile friendly keep subject line short, use a one column layout, and use a larger font size. Also it is very important to make buttons and links large enough to be pressed with a finger. It is also very important to avoid flash as it does work on iPhones.

Less Hype

Subscribers are more likely to view your email as spam if it is full of product hype, and cheesy sales pitches. Move away from this and start offering your subscribers more valuable information that may help them solve their problems. This will help build trust with your subscribers, and will make them more likely to consider offers made by your brand.

Segmented Lists

Target your message to subscribers that will find your message more useful. If you already have a broad audience start dividing them up into smaller groups. These smaller groups will be niches within the larger whole. An example of this would be to divide a “pet group” into niches based on the type of pet they owned. Now you can target cat food emails to cat owners. Using this technique is very powerful and can increase your conversion rate dramatically.

Brand Your Email

Is very important that your emails match your brands image. Customize email templates by using your colours and including your logo. Your subscribers should immediately identify your email with your brands look and feel. This builds consistency and trust with your subscriber.


When drafting your email make sure that it remains scannable. Your subscribers are busy and holding their full attention is very difficult. Break up your email into smaller sections by using headings and images. This will make your content seem less overwhelming. Also be sure to include a concise call to action and a catchy subject line.

These five email marketing tips can help you get your email marketing started. PK Media Lab can provide services to help create even more effective email marketing campaigns. PK Media Lab can help your organization see results with its overall web marketing campaign. We would love an opportunity to meet with you to further discuss our services may achieve great results for your organization.

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