5 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing

social media marketingSocial media marketing. Almost every organization knows that in today’s high-tech world they need it. The evidence is the countless organizations that have already shown exceptional results by using social media. But beware…the urge to jump in before its too late can be a costly decision. Sitting on the sidelines can also be very costly. So what do you do? Well, knowing that you need something is not the same as knowing why you need it. By answering the “WHY” your organization will discover the “HOW” to creating a successful social media marketing campaign.

Do you know the reasons why your organization needs social media marketing?

Here are my five top reasons why your business needs social media in 2013

Find your customers

Establishing a social media presence can help you find where your potential clients are hanging out. There are countless pages, groups, circles, and lists on social media platforms. You can search for the ones that relate to your products and/or services. You can even start your own interest groups and pages. Once established in these key areas your demographic will be able to find you. It costs millions of dollars to accomplish this with traditional marketing through surveys and focus groups. With social media its all free and at your fingertips.

Introduce your brand

Regardless of whether your company is new or old you can always improve your visibility on social media. Having a fan page on Facebook or a Pinterest board, or a Google plus one account, or a YouTube channel is like moving into a new neighbourhood. You can use these social platforms to introduce your brand and begin having interesting conversations with the people that fall into your demographic. As the number of friends and followers grow on your social platforms you will attract even more attention to your brand. Your followers will also have friends which will become interested in the buzz and what to see what is going on for themselves. This is a very powerful and effective way of introducing your brand.

Become more accessible

Engaging through your social media platforms definitely makes your company much more personable. Your friends and followers have direct access to your brand. This will make them much more likely to contract you and ask for solutions to their problems. Embracing this and making a commitment to respond to your followers will eventually build stronger relationships with your demographic.

Share your content

Through the use of social media you can share all kinds of great content. Your YouTube videos, your blog, your pictures, your product offerings. With each new piece of content you add value, and begin to establish yourself as an authority. Also your customers will start sharing back with you by commenting and likes. These comments and likes build valuable back links which strengthen your overall marketing strategy.

Valuable Feedback

One of the greatest features of social media is the give-and-take built right into it. You can invite comments and opinions for all of your content. This enables you to receive valuable feedback for free. You can then channel that information into creating a new/better product offering, or improving your brands image. When your followers see you listening and responding to their opinions it builds a strong bond and gives your brand much more credibility.

These five reasons for needing social media marketing will give your organization a good start on how to shape your web strategy. By creating a solution that speaks to these 5 points your organization will be well on its way to creating a effective social media marketing campaign. PK Media Lab Inc. provides services to help your organization see results with it’s web marketing campaign. We would love an opportunity to meet with you to further discuss how our services may achieve great results for your organization.

Remember your potential clients are out there right now having conversations on social media with or without you. You can choose to join them or to sit on the sidelines. Can your organization risk the opportunity loss for not exploring the possibilities of social media marketing?

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