5 Tips For More Effective Web Design

web design PK Media Lab Inc.Effective web design.  There are many different things to consider when designing your website. A lot of effort and work goes into the many components. One of the most important question you should ask yourself is will the website convert.

I’ve seen some very beautiful websites with lots of graphic design sit idle and not achieve any results. I’ve also seen some very plain and simple websites that end up performing remarkably well. What are the some of the determining factors on how you can use effective web design so that your visitors will take action and optimize your conversions?

Here are my five tips of creating a more effective website

Users don’t wait

Most web surfers have a very short attention span. With such a large amount of information available through online searches your website needs to very clear about what it is offering. If your visitor does not immediately find a solution for their need they will hit the back button and try another website. Usually if it takes more than a few seconds to figure out what your website is about you will lose your visitor.

To make sure this doesn’t happen in your web design, the best thing to do is try to make everything easier for the user. You should be introducing your website in just a few lines that does not require a lot of reading. Once your visitor sees this you can offer them a way to take more action.

High quality content

Once the visitor has confirmed that your website is what they are looking for you must follow up with high-quality content. If your website provides high-quality and credible content your visitors will keep coming back for more. Make sure that any graphics or other design elements complement the content, not overpower it. Bells and whistles might add some style but their never a substitute for substance.

Keep things standardized

You may want to be creative and do something very unique on your website. Beware this is a very dangerous approach. Creating something very unique will require your visitors to learn how to use your webpage.

Most web users have one thing in common. They visit webpages such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Amazon. These pages have given your visitors plenty of practice using websites. They have become comfortable with the way these pages flow and instantly know how to navigate their way around.

If you design your page in a similar fashion there is one less barrier to your visitor using your website. They will be able to navigate and find information much easier than if you had gone with a very unique web design.

White space

There are thousands of examples of webpages that go overboard on bright colours and terrible graphics that makes their website look messy. This never makes for a good first impression.

To avoid this problem simply use more whitespace. With web 2.0 the focus is on a more clean and minimal web design. Your visitors want a simple clean and well-designed page that will give them the information that they’re looking for. Let them know how they can act to learn more. You do not need to fill every empty space on you website with useless information, graphics, and pop-ups. This will only serve to overwhelm your visitors and cause them to hit the back button.

Flow and call to action

Visitors don’t look at a webpage like they would a page in a book. They will not take the time to read everything from top to bottom. What is the action you would like your visitors to take? Is it for them to contact you, make a purchase, or fill out a form?

Once you have captured their attention with a few lines of content you need to direct them to the next step that you would like them to take. This usually comes in the form of the call to action. Make this simple, and provide a button or link that will take them to the desired webpage.

By applying these five tips to your web design you should see more effective results and have webpages that are more optimized to create conversions for your organization.

PK Media Lab provides services to create more effective websites, which can help your organization see results with its web marketing campaign. We would love an opportunity to meet with you to further discuss how our services may achieve great results for your organization.

Remember that the web is becoming a larger influence on how peoples make decisions in their daily lives. Your ability to create an effective web design is vital to gaining results. Can your organization risk not having an effective website design?

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