5 Web Design Mistakes

Some common web design mistakes and how to fix them.  In this quick video I try to give you some helpful tips on how to stay away from some common mistakes when designing your website.

Video Blog Summary

Poor Navigation

  • visitors can’t find what they are looking for
  • makes your business seem disorganized
  • frustrated visitor leaves your website

Poor Navigation Fixes

  • Use visual aids to make more appealing and easier to understand
  • Group related pages into sub groups with a landing page for each sub group
  • Give users an easy way of knowing where they are and how to get to another page

Not Optimized For Mobile

  • parts of website do not work on mobile device
  • content does not adjust to screen size
  • could be losing up to 25% of visitors

Not Optimized For Mobile Fixes

  • use HTML5 video instead of Flash
  • build a responsive website
  • have a separate mobile website

Bad Content

  • inaccurate, or out of date information
  • confusing layout
  • large chunks of text

Bad Content Fixes

  • update your content on a regular basis
  • use analytics to determine which pages are and are not being viewed
  • break large text up with pictures and using heading/subheadings

Missing Contact Information

  • no address, phone number or email
  • no contact form provided
  • no map provided to give directions

Missing Contact Information Fixes

  • place contact information in the header, footer or both
  • create a contact us page
  • use google maps to provide an image of your location

Clutter On The Homepage

  • having too much information
  • displaying too many pictures
  • packed and too flashy

Clutter On The Homepage Fixes

  • use less text with a link to read more
  • if using more than 1 picture use a slideshow
  • less is more…focus on delivering a simple message

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